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The Tailor Shop As Art Space:
Aksel Paris
311 W. Broadway, nr. Grand St. 888-992-5735
After launching an online suit-and-shirt brand in his bedroom four years ago, French-born Yazid Aksas opened his first store in January, choosing Soho so the space could double as an art gallery. What you’ll find are European-style dress shirts—high collars, brash fabrics (mostly Italian and Turkish), a close fit—from his Aksel Paris label ($135). The Beau line offers custom-made suits, shirts, jackets, and shoes at prices that rival off-the-rack (suits are fixed at $590, with an array of fabrics, buttons, and linings to choose from; shoes start at $250). Artists featured in the gallery are rotated each month, with work by Eddy Bogaert, a model turned painter, up now.

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<![CDATA[Making it: From Sheep To Suit]]> http://akselparis.com/akselnews/making-it-from-sheep-to-suit/
The historic British mill Holland & Sherry, and exclusive supplier of Beau, specializes in the super-refined wool that is used for a list of luxury labels around the world. Though 100-percent British made, this prized fabric mostly originates oceans away, on the backs of merino sheep in Australia, the world’s top shepherding location.

Farming & Shearing

In Australia, sheep outnumber people 5 to 1. The Merino breed thrives in the temperate climate, and 55,000 separate wool farms are clustered in the southeastern section of the country. During shearing season, which occurs right after Australian winter, sheep are shaved in a process by experts wielding what looks like a giant men’s electric razor.

Washing & Combing

Enormous bales of the approved Australian wool arrive in England where they begin an extraordinary three-month metamorphosis. Upon arrival, they are sent to washing to remove the natural lanolins and fibers are rolled out and combed by a machine.

Dying, Spinning, Warping and Weaving

The true measure of a luxury fabric is the deeply layered finish, featuring many hues instead of a flat single color. The combed and dyed wool is stretched and twisted by a mechanical spinning wheel in a room calibrated to 70 percent humidity until a thread is produced. A quality control team assess the fabric with a light, correcting each slight aberration by hand so that virtually none of the precious raw material go to waste.

Your Beau Suit

Roughly three wool fleeces produce one finished suit which takes about a month to make and is cut and sewn mostly by hand. The result? Preternaturally soft yet durable suits.

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